Postal sketch 2018

notes - sketches

Hi diary! I'm back!

I didn't go to any modern art museums this time around -- no thanks!
I took hikes instead and went sightseeing.

cat at Low Head Coast lighthouse

Tasmania reminded me of New Zealand -- COLD!
With friendly people.

We saw little blue penguins at Low Head Coast.
It was hard to tell which were male and female until they started making sounds...

Tasmania little blue penguins and seahorse

The boys were showing off their courtship singing skills.
It sounded nothing like a love song.

At Beauty Point, TAS,
we got to hold a seahorse.
It felt like rubber and didn't flap like fish out of water.

We visited Bridestowe Lavender Estate after harvest -- everything looked brown.

cat at Lavender farm Tasmania

But the shop smelled very nice.

Lavender Bear

We visited a former convict settlement at Port Arthur Historic Site.
I would've gone to their ghost tour but we had a long drive back to our lodging.

We saw plenty roadkill instead.

cat at Port Arthur Tasmania

Back in Sydney, I went to my first tech conference.
I was looking forward to seeing robots...

cat at CeBIT Sydney 2018

There were none!
We saw a rainbow instead, when we stepped out for lunch.

We ordered one grass-fed burger and a vegan burger.
The waiter thought I was the vegan...LOL!

cat waiting for her grass-fed burger

My friend ate his vegan burger with his hood up -- felt cold eating al fresco.
I had my coat off -- probably got used to TAS climate!

So braced myself for the heat back in Manila.
I adjusted instantly.

cat with umbrella under the rain

Just feels like traveling back in time.

See you next sketch.
Love, Cat S.