Book of hours

notes - sketches

Hi diary,
I went back to playing a guitar recently.

It was so much fun when I was 12 despite the wide frets.
Fingers can reach better now.

But I have three other instruments I enjoy playing
and I want to fit them all in my daily routine.

It was a problem.
I thought I'd chop up the day into four parts.

four parts/hours of the day

Sunrise is best greeted with the guitar.
Soft on the fingers, sweet to the ears.

cat playing classical guitar

Midday is Merlin playtime.
A great way to spend break from work.

cat playing Seagull Merlin M4 dulcimer

Afternoon is fiddle time.
I've been out of practice I'm back to my Sevcik exercises.

cat and fiddle

And evening is when I pick up the pennywhistle.
I appreciate this break from tuning strings!
Just make sure I brush my teeth before I start whistling.

cat playing tin whistle

I've placed this down in my own little book of hours.

cat book of hours

Playing each instrument for at least fifteen minutes a day.

See you next sketch.
Love, Cat S.