Routine break

notes - sketches

Hello diary!
Took a break from my routine.

Missed our flight last week.
Had a bit of workout in getting new boarding passes.

cat waiting in airport gate

Travelled though plenty zigzags,

zigag road view from van

A bit of spelunking.

cat in cave

Climbed down a zipline,
superman style.

cat in zipline

Ate a shipworm!
It was jelly-like and tasted of mangrove.

sea coast ciew from boat

Saw lots of bats, lots of swallows.
Had non-stop runny nose after sniffing all the guano.

cat at underground river

Felt better after a long night's sleep.

cat at long beach

Good day to go body surfing.

cat body-surfing at long beach

See you next sketch.
Love, Cat S.