Paint gym

notes - studies


Up until this time I have always used pen and ink or any fine point media to sketch anything.
My early amateur attempts to making comics were all inked.

I used to like it a lot -- pen and ink -- it is tidy and gives me certainty.
Nearly have 100% control of the outcome of my composition.
Feels almost as if it feeds into a personality trait I have.

Compulsion for orderliness is still with me sometimes as when an outline gets in there.

Hospital | painting studies by Cat S.

The sketch still looks pretty good.
However that high level of control has lost its attractiveness to me over time.

Edensor Park | painting studies by Cat S.

I noticed this change in appreciation when I compare graphic novels and comic books I've been reading lately.

Panels that were digitally drawn or inked, beautiful styles as they are, are just not as awe-inspiring to me as those painted and adourned with happy accidents -- as Bob Ross called it.

Sydney | painting studies by Cat S.

Although Bob worked with oil -- more forgiving than watercolour.

Glebe | painting studies by Cat S.

I've come to appreciate the medium for this reason.
As if it forbids visual spoonfeeding -- an old drawing habit of mine.

Instead calling for impressionistic details...

Poster | painting studies by Cat S.

...and the power of suggestion goes a long way.

Hospital | painting studies by Cat S.

I was trying to understand watercolour behaviour in these studies,
as well as unlearning old drawing habits.

Poster | painting studies by Cat S.

Raring for the next exercise.
About time I combine everything I've learned so far and add a little twist...

Materials used:
Winsor & Newton Artist & Cotman watercolours
Derivan Liquid Pencil
Synthetic and sable paintbrushes
Strathmore 400 series watercolour sketchbook 300 gsm
Clairefontaine Paint On Mix Media kraft paper 250 gsm
Spiral bound scrapbook 165 gsm